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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Model Question of Health, Population and Environment Education for S.L.C

Group “A”
Give very short answer of the following questions
a.       When the world population did reached seven billion?
b.      Write down the formula to calculate Age specific fertility rate.
c.       Mention any two indicators used in calculating HDI.
d.      In which altitude is Himalayan region located in Nepal?
e.      What percentages of people live in Terai region according to the recent census of Nepal?
f.        Define the term ecosystem.
g.       Give example of any two herbs found in the Terai region.
  1. Give any one difference between managed and unmanaged urbanization.
  2. Give the causative agent of bacillary dysentery and amoebic dysentery.
  3. What does OPD stands for?

Group “B”
Give short answers of any thirteen questions given below.
  1. What is demographic process? Write in brief.
  2. What is sample survey? Mention any four importance and limitations of sample survey.
  3. The population of a certain city of Nepal was 65,000 in the year 2058. In the same year, 1,500 migrated to that city and 750 left the city, 1,200 lost their lives and 1,800 infants were born in the same year. Now calculate GMR and CBR.
  4. Quality life is associated with creativity and planning. Analyze this statement.
  5. What are the major economic activities of the people living in the hilly region? Write down the effects of livestock farming on the hilly region. Also, write the ways in which such effects could be minimized.
  6. Which region of Nepal is rich in cultural heritages? Mention any four reasons behind it.
  7. Explain any five methods of conservation of biodiversity.
  8. Write short note on the following.
    1. One-horned rhino
    2. Asiatic-rock python
  9. Why is the development activity important for national development?
  10. What do you mean by industrial development? Mention any three differences between Small and Large scale industries.
  11. How do you know that an individual is suffering from syphilis? Give any five ways to prevent oneself from it.
  12. A hundred of young men and women were died in your locality. Drug was the main cause. Some people say this has been a national problem. Others says there was something the people could have done to prevent it because it is just matter of addiction. Now explain.
    1. What is the most responsible factor of drug addiction?
    2. What would be its major four effects?
    3. What four measures would you suggest for the control of such practices in your community?
w.     What is COPD? Write down any four of its symptoms and four preventive measures.
x.       What is community health? Explain any four of its importance in brief.
y.       Explain any five health plans forwarded by the Interim Plan of Nepal.

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Group “A”
Give very short answer of the following questions
1.       Write any one element of population composition.
2.       Mention any two examples primary source of population data.
3.       What is the rank of Nepal in HDI according to 2012 UNDO report?
4.       Write any two adverse effects seen in the ecosystem of Himalayan region of Nepal.
5.       Which aspects are comprised to form ecosystem?
6.       In which region is the rare Cordycep found?
7.       Write a difference between In-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation.
8.       When was the concept of Sustainable development introduced?
9.       Which part of cancer is resulted by Helico Bacter Pylori?
10.   Write down the full form of DOTS.

Group “B”
Give short answers of any thirteen questions given below.
11.     How has the world population changed from the beginning of Christian era to the present days? Explain in brief.
12.    Enlist any four psychological factors responsible for birth and explain any two of them in detail.
13.   In Certain district of Nepal the midyear population was 35000. In the same year 1250 live birth occurred. In the same year 50 children below one years of age died. Calculate the Infant mortality of the district.
14.   Analyze the value of gender equality for uplifting the quality of life of the family.
15.   Mention any four reasons why the people living in the Mountain region of Nepal have poor economy? Explain any three measures that can be adopted to solve the economic problem of the people living in the region.
16.   How is modernization responsible for the depletion of the eco-system? Explain in brief with the reference to the three geographical region of Nepal.
17.   How can the national parks and wildlife reserve help in the conservation of rare animals and plants? Describe in any five ways.
18.   Write short note on:
a.       Red panda
b.      Himalayan Yew
19.   Explain the importance of cottage industries for the economic and social development of Nepal.
20.   What is sustainable development? Enlist any six of its importance.
21.   What is malnutrition? How can the problem of malnutrition solved in the rural communities of Nepal? Present any four brief methods.
22.   What is drug addiction? List any four of its short and long term effect on the health of the abuser.
23.   What is diabetes? Enlist any four causes and four symptoms of the disease.
24.   Mention any five role of the individual in solving the health problem of the community.
25.   When was the Nepal Paropokar Association established? Mention any four function of the association.

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Group “A”
Give very short answer of the following questions
  1. Give any one reason why the population of Nepal decreased in the inter census period of 1911 and 1920.
  2. What do you understand by the term vital registration?
3.       Write down the name of organization that publishes HDI every year.
4.       Which one is main cause for the less impact of modernization activities in the ecosystem of mountain region?
  1. At what altitude is the snowline fixed in the western region of Nepal?
6.       Write down any one appropriate method to control illegal poaching activities in the forest of Terai region.
7.       Write down the name of any one rare and protected plant of Nepal.
8.       What is the most dependable means for helping the developing countries to their development?
  1. After how many days HIV is seen in blood test normally?
10.   What do you understand by promotive health service?

Group “B”
Give short answers of any thirteen questions given below.
  1. Define vital registration. Write in brief about vital registration practice in Nepal.
  2. What are the primary sources of population data? Explain any two of them in brief.
  3. In the city with the population 18,000 had the female population of 10000 in the year 2068. During the same year 45 live birth occurred from 395 women aged 20-24. If there were 12000 independent population. Find out
    1. Sex ratio
    2. Dependency ratio
    3. ASFR
  4. What are the indicators of quality of life? Analyze the average Nepalese life based on these indicators.
  5. Compare the socio-economic aspect of hilly region and the Terai region of Nepal.
  6. Enlist any five effects seen in the ecosystem of the Himalayan region. Suggest any five mitigation measures for such effects.
  7. Explain the role of local people for the conservation of bio-diversity.
  8. Write short note on the following.
    1. Golden michellia
    2. Asiatic Elephant
  9. What is development? Explain any four of its importance.
  10. How does sustainable development help in conserving ecosystem and biodiversity?
  11. What do you mean by non-communicable diseases? Explain in brief about the causes of non-communicable diseases.
  12. What is balanced diet? Explain its need for maintaining healthy life.
23.   Give reasons for the following statements:
a.       Adolescents are more affected by drug addiction
b.      Alcoholism is deeply rooted with socio-cultural practices.
24.   Describe the role of community health to solve the community health problems of Nepal.
25.   Who was the founder of International Red Cross? Describe any two major function of Nepal Red Cross society.

  If you start preparing now
You donot need to haste in exam

Group “A”
Give very short answer of the following questions
  1. What does pyramid of population represent or show?
  2. Differentiate between emigration and immigration.
  3. What do mental and emotional needs consist of?
  4. What should be done to increases people’s participation conserving cultural heritage?
  5. Why does the land of Terai have fertile soil?
  6. In which topographical region does serpentine grow?
  7. Name the animal used in the logo of WWF.
  8. On what sector industrial development of Nepal is mainly based on?
  9. Which chemical in tobacco causes cancer in people who smoke?
  10. Which country has the highest infant mortality rate among the SAARC countries?
Group “B”
Give short answers of any thirteen questions given below.
  1. “Now the population of Nepal has reached up to 26.4 million. It is quite alarming if we compare this much population with limited physical structure of Nepal. Give your opinion why we are having problem of rapid population growth and also discuss the ways of reducing it.
  2. What is the most influencing factor for unequal distribution of population? Discuss any five reasons in brief.
  3. The population of a town was 30278 in 2048 B.S. Calculate Crude Birth Rate (CBR) and Rate of Natural Increase (RNI) if the live births in that year were 1533 and Crude Death Rate (CDR) was 15.6 per thousand.
  4. “Low quality of life is the major cause of family dispute.” Justify the statement in five important points.
  5. Describe in brief the socio-economic aspect of Hilly region.
  6. Explain any 5 major measures for conservation of religious and cultural heritages in brief.
  7. Why is the wetland ecosystem important in order to extend bio-diversity and its preservation? Give reasons.
  8. Write short notes on:
a.       Genes
b.      Giant Pied Hornbill
  1. Improper distribution on population over-exploits natural resources and invites social disorder. Give reasons.
  2. Write any five applications of sustainable development in brief
  3. Write the name of the disease caused by the infection of Gonococcus of Neiser and write its four modes of transmission and four preventive measures.
  4. What is non-communicable disease? Write with example. Mention the preventive measures of non-communicable disease
  5. Why do young people involved in drug abuse? Write any six measures to prevent drug abuse.
  6. Present briefly the role of Nepal Heart Disease Foundation Council in solving the community health problems.
  7. Distinguish between health post and health centre (Mention only three points). Discuss about treatment and preventive services of hospital.

If you start preparing now
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Group “A”
Give very short answer of the following questions
  1. What are the major components of demography?
  2. Differentiate between fertility and fecundity
  3. Why is quality of life an abstract concept?
  4. What should be done to increases people’s participation conserving cultural heritage?
  5. Which aspect of ecosystem is land topography and climate?
  6. Which two rare reptiles are found in Nepal?
  7. Write down any two medical use of Himalayan Yew.
  8. What are the social aspects of infrastructure development?
  9. Write down the causative agent of amoebic dysentery. Write a name.
  10. When was Nepal Red Cross Society established in Nepal?
Group “B”
Give short answers of any thirteen questions given below.
11.   The density of population is low in mid and far western development regions. Why?
12.   What is population composition? Explain any four of its importance in brief.
  1. In a certain town of Nepal, the midyear population was 80,000. The number of live births in the same year was 1200 and of the deaths were 320. 720 people immigrated to the town from other places and 200 people left the town from somewhere else.
  2. Calculate NMR and CBR of the town.
  3. It is difficult to provide quality education for children in the family of low quality of life. Justify the statement.
  4. Due to the activities of modernization and infrastructure development, the ecosystem is being depleted.
a.          Write down any two effects of the development on the ecosystem of hill and any two preventive measures to minimize the effects.
b.         The ecosystem of mountain region is less affected by the activities of modernization. Give any three reasons.
  1. “Hilly region is rich in bio-diversity as compared to other regions.” Justify the statement with reference to mountain and terrain regions.
  2. Describe in brief any five reasons, which justify the need of bio-diversity conservation.
  3. List different types of industries and explain in brief.
  4. Logically prove that there is a great importance of sustainable development.
  5. People of your community openly use alcohol. Write any five alternative measures to control it.
  6. What is a balanced diet? How can balance diet be prepared from locally available foods?
  7. Why is cholera taken as an epidemic by the people? Mention any four of the symptoms and four major preventive measures.
  8. What is a hospital? Explain about conditions of hospitals existing in Nepal.
  9. Describe briefly any five roles that an individual can play to solve the community health problems.

If you start preparing now
You donot need to haste in exam

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